Enzymes Save Lives

Michael O'Brien,                 Enzymes Save Lives

Michael O'Brien has been in the health field since 1962. As an expert in enzyme research, he has been involved in the formulation of numerous health products. He has worked with several private clinics in studying how diet affects peoples's health.

Is the food you're eating digestible? If you eat mostly cooked food, it may not be. Studies have shown that raw food is easier to digest and healthier than cooked food, because it still contains enzymes.

Even raw food isn't as healthy today as it was thirty years ago, because natural enzymes are being systematically eliminated from our food through mineral depletion. This forces the plant to sacrifice its own enzymes to replenish the soil. So today's plants lack essential enzymes right from the start. God put enzymes in our food, but we took them out.

Enzymes are the workers in your body--they carry out every chemical reaction. To have healthy body you need both workers (enzymes) and building materials. The building materials are proteins, minerals and vitamins. All of these are necessary to build a healthy structure. Trying to function without all the necessary enzymes is like trying to build a house by yourself in one day.

Contrast that with having all the enzymes you need in your body so that your system can function properly. it's comparable to the way the Amish are able to put up a three-story barn in twenty-four hours because the whole community, even the little children, works on it. We need to have enough enzymes in our bodies to do the job right.

The first person to actively study enzymes was Dr. Edward Howell. He determined that your quality of life and energy level depend on enzymes. if you're low on enzymes, then you're out of workers and there's nobody to build your "house" it's this lack of enzymes that causes health problems.

it's a misconception among some doctors that you don't need enzyme supplements because your body makes its own enzymes. While it's true that your body does produce enzymes, if they aren't in the right place at the right time they won't do any good. You need to take a good digestive enzyme so your food will be thoroughly digested and your liver will get the nutrition it needs to produce enzymes on its own.

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