Health With Minerals

Dr. Howard Hagglund, M. D. on Minerals
Howard Hagglund, M.D.

Dr. Hagglund, is a former facility member at the University of Oklahoma. He is the author of Metabolic Happiness: It's the Chemicals in Your Brain. Dr. Hagglund practices allergy and environmental medicine.

Vitamins are astronomically important--yet minerals are much more important that vitamins. The best way to get both minerals and vitamins is from food. But foods today seldom contain enough essential minerals and vitamins.

we no longer get enough nutrients in our food because farmland in this country has been ruined. It takes only ten years of intensive farming to exhaust the minerals in any tract of land.

Most farmers replenish their soils with three (but only three) chemicals: potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen. Unfortunately, many other essential minerals (including molybdenum, manganese, magnesium, zinc, and other) are not considered.

It's too time-consuming and expensive to replenish all of the depleted minerals. And there's simply too much demand on our agricultural lands to wait for nature to replenish them through the normal pattern of organic decay and fertilization.

During flooding in previous centuries, volcanic and organic debris washed over farming lands as sediment and replaced depleted minerals.

This just does not occur with today's flood control projects and farming methods. The depleted land gets "refertilized every year to produce green crops. But a "green" crop doesn't necessarily mean a crop with sufficient trace elements to keep us healthy.

I prescribe colloidal minerals as dietary supplements. Here's is an interesting story about the benefits of mineral supplementation:

Many will remember the name Will Walton--the great UCLA and NBA (Portland Trail Blazers) basketball player. Despite his talent, his knees simply wouldn't allow him to continue playing. He learned, after his athletic prime, that he had been deficient in manganese. After taking manganese for about two months, the puffiness, swelling, pain and cartilage irregularities in his knees disappeared entirely.

On my radio show in Oklahoma City, I also recommend to persons facing knee or hip replacement surgery that they supplement their diets with manganese. Many call me back on the air later having put off their surgery.

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