Fine Tuning Your Engine

Dr. Humbart Santillo, Fine Tuning Your Engine
Dr. Humbart Santillo, is a doctor of naturaopathy and a master herbalist. He is also a renowned lecturer and the author of six books on natural health. In 1993, he won thirteen gold medals in track, including one in the Canadian Nationals in the 100 Meters. Following is an abridged version of Dr. Santillo's article, "Sports, Enzymes, and Nutrition".

An athlete's main concern should be maintaning a healthy body and replacing the nutrients loss caused by exercise. Enzymes, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals are the fuel the body needs to function. If you exercise, most of these substances are used up rapidly by the body and need replacement. Unfortunately, eating the proper amount of food and nutrients only solves half the problem.

The misssing link in nutrition is Enzymes. The nutrients may be present in the diet, but enzymes are the work force of the body. People often believe that they don't recover from exercise fast enough because they either overdid it or didn't do enough. the problem may be that their "engine" is congested with unusable fuel because of poor digestion well. Enzymes digest the food and release all the nutrients. The majority of piople cannot utilize their food properly because they lack the proper enzymes.

Enzymes are present in raw foods and are very sensitive to heat. In his book Enzyme Nutrition, Dr. Edward Howell states, "Enzymes are completely destroyed when heated during cooking, baking, frying, or during food processing over 121 degrees F."

This means that in most cases, cooking the food destroys the enzymes, which leads to enzyme-depletion in our systems. This causes rapid aging and fatigue and lays the foundation for chronic disease to develop. Why deplete our enzyme reserve with a poor diet when we can keep our vitality with enzyme-rich raw foods and by supplementing our diets with the proper enzymes?

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